Queensland floodplain assessment overlay

Queensland floodplain assessment overlay


Title: Queensland floodplain assessment overlay
Alternative title: Floodplain assessment overlay
Date: 2013-10-17 (publication)
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Abstract / Description:
The Queensland Floodplain Assessment Overlay (QFAO) represents a floodplain area within drainage sub-basins in Queensland. It has been developed for use by local governments as a potential flood hazard area. It represents an estimate of areas potentially at threat of inundation by flooding. The data has been developed through a process of drainage sub-basin analysis utilising data sources including 10 metre contours, historical flood records, vegetation and soils mapping and satellite imagery. This data represents an initial assessment and will be subject to refinement by respective Local Government Authorities.
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Spatial Data Information

Spatial representation type: vector
Coordinate Reference System EPSG code: EPSG:4938
Title: EPSG Geodetic Parameter
Date: 2007-07-16 (revision)
Edition: Version 6.13
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Equivalent scale: 1 : 100000


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Organisation: Department of Resources
Organisation: Department of Resources


Progress status: completed
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Temporal and Spatial extents:

Bounding box:
West bounding longitude: 138.2241
East bounding longitude: 154.2042
South bounding latitude: -29.0873
North bounding latitude: -8.0812
Temporal extent:
Start: 2012-03-28 End: 2013-10-17

Data Quality

Data quality scope:
Level: dataset
Positional accuracy (external, absolute):

This is a composite dataset derived from layers of various scales.


Lineage statement:
The Queensland Floodplain Assessment Overlay has been captured by analysis and visual interpretation of a combination of datasets (listed below in Sources).
Process step:
1. Identify and overview sub-basin with satellite imagery backdrop.2. Overlay ordered drainage and floodplain data.3. Analyse drainage lines within the basin to determine the drainage lines that are relevant. At a minimum drainage lines with order 1 and 2 are excluded unless known events have occurred.4. Having determined the approximate extent in terms of drainage line hierarchy, overlay the 10m contours, gauging stations and flood lines of actual events from 2011.5. Determine the approximate flood elevation at locations within the drainage basin using gauging station data and actual events, together with visual interpretation of the imagery and other layers.6. Delineate the extent of the floodplain by visually interpolating between known locations using the satellite imagery and contours as the guide.
Flood extent line revised over the town of Mareeba in the Barron River Basin sub area on 17-10-2013.
1. 10m contours derived from 1 second SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography), photogrammetry and LiDAR. In general, coverage of SRTM derived contours is west of the Great Dividing Range, Photogrammetrically derived contours coverage is over the Great Dividing Range and Cape York, LiDAR Contour coverage is the coastal fringe extending south of Cairns to the NSW border;2. Floodplain boundaries - derived by combination of Pre-clear Vegetation Mapping of Landzone 3 (Alluvium), Landzone 1 (Estuarine) and SALI Soil Flooding Limitation Mapping;3. Ordered Drainage (drainage lines);4. January 2011 Flood gauge readings and delineation of flooding events from aerial photography;5. 2009 SPOT satellite imagery;6. 2009 LandSAT satellite imagery.


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