Geographic features - Queensland series

Geographic features - Queensland series


Title: Geographic features - Queensland series
Alternative title: Open Data
Date: 2022-09-12 (publication)
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Abstract / Description:
This is a series of datasets covering the State of Queensland displaying geographic features. Features are attributed with source information and names where available. Datasets include: - Bays including Bays, Coves, Gulfs etc.; Large Area Features including Deserts, Peninsulas etc.; Mountain Ranges; Beaches; Sea Passages; Mountain Peaks; Capes including Capes, Points, Head; Mainland; Marine Islands; Reefs and Shoals; Island Groups, Highest Astronomical Tide
To provide digital data of natural geographic features for use in Land Administration, Emergency Management, Monitoring of Climate Change and Topographic Mapping and in the production of Navigational and Web Based Mapping applications.
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ISO topic category codes: boundaries, imageryBaseMapsEarthCover, oceans

Spatial Data Information

Spatial representation type: vector
Coordinate Reference System EPSG code: EPSG:4283
Title: EPSG Geodetic Parameter
Date: 2007-07-16 (revision)
Edition: Version 6.13


Point of contact:
Organisation: Department of Resources
Delivery point: 1 William Street
City: Brisbane
State: Queensland
Postcode: 4000
Country: Australia
Organisation: Department of Resources


Progress status: onGoing
Maintenance and update frequency: asNeeded

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Security classification (ISO 19115): unclassified
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© State of Queensland (Department of Resources) 2022
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This material is licensed under a Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International licence.
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The Department of Resources requests attribution in the following manner:
© State of Queensland (Department of Resources) 2022.

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Bounding box:
West bounding longitude: 138.000
East bounding longitude: 155.000
South bounding latitude: -29.500
North bounding latitude: -10.000
Temporal extent:
Start: 2009-01-01 End: 2022-09-12


Name/identifier: Open Data
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Name/identifier: Open Data

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Metadata date stamp: 2015-03-12
Language: eng
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Metadata standard name: ISO 19115:2005, ANZLIC ISO 1.1
Metadata version name: Minimum Validation