Property address Queensland -Text data package

Property address Queensland -Text data package


Title: Property address Queensland -Text data package
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Date: 2022-09-19 (publication)
Presentation form code: tableDigital
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Abstract / Description:
A foundation spatial dataset of current property location addresses and their corresponding land parcel descriptor. This dataset does not contain any personal information.
This dataset provides an authoritative source of location address information in Queensland.
Additional Information:
To import these delimited text files into your GIS software, read the software help file to find out how to import the data. Data is supplied as a pipe delimited ASCII file with the following FIELDS: address_pid, plan_no, lot_no, lot_stat_id, addr_stat_id, standard_id, unit_type_id, unit_no, unit_suf, prop_name, street_no_1, str_no_1_suf, street_no_2, str_no_2_suf, road_name, road_type_id, road_part_id, locality_name, la_name, la_code, lat, long, Geocode feature type, Datum. Full field descriptions and codes are outlined in the metadata integrated within the dataset.

From the 30 November 2015, there will no longer be reference to Parishes and Counties in the Departments land information systems, including the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) – a computerised map of property boundaries and related description of all land parcels in Queensland.

The Department of Resourceswill retain a record of parishes and counties for historical purposes. The Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying provides historical information about parishes and counties and the historical parish directory is available online.
If you obtain information or products from QSpatial, either the information will no longer contain parish and county details, or the parish and county fields will contain the words ‘no longer used’.
Language: eng
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ISO topic category codes: location, planningCadastre

Spatial Data Information

Spatial representation type: textTable
Coordinate Reference System EPSG code: EPSG:4938
Title: EPSG Geodetic Parameter
Date: 2007-07-16 (revision)
Edition: Version 6.13
Spatial resolution:
Equivalent scale: 1 : 25000


Point of contact:
Organisation: Department of Resources
Organisation: Department of Resources


Progress status: completed
Maintenance and update frequency: weekly

Data / Resource Constraints

Resource Access Level: -->
Security classification (ISO 19115): unclassified
Copyright: (as use constraint)
© State of Queensland (Department of Resources) 2021
Licence: (as use constraint)
This material is licensed under a Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International licence.
Creative Commons License
The Department of Resources requests attribution in the following manner:
© State of Queensland (Department of Resources) 2021.
Other restrictions: (as use constraint)
Unrestricted to all levels of government and the community. Dataset is available to all government, community groups and individuals.

Temporal and Spatial extents:

Bounding box:
West bounding longitude: 138.000
East bounding longitude: 153.600
South bounding latitude: -29.200
North bounding latitude: -09.100
Temporal extent:
Start: after 2002-06-01 End: 2018-08-01

Data Quality

Data quality scope:
Level: dataset
Completeness (omission):

Features are complete for the scale of representation.


Lineage statement:
This dataset contains current location addresses from the Lands Address Location Framework (LALF) database. Each address is represented spatially by, as a minimum, a centroid point of latitude and longitude for the associated land parcel(s). The address data is sourced from Queensland’s Local Government Authorities and private developers. Lot on Plan information then links the addresses to the relevant land parcels in the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). The database was first released in June 2002 and is in continual update.


Name/identifier: Queensland Spatial Catalogue
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Instructions: Open the Queensland Spatial Catalogue (QSpatial). Select the large SEARCH button and all available records are displayed. Select one of the four filter options provided and then the further options within the filter. The resultant search is then displayed. Select your record and complete the order.

Name/identifier: downloadableData
Version: 10.0
Specification: ESRI ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension Content Type

Name/identifier: Available From Queensland Spatial Catalogue as a data package containing text files.

Transfer size (megabytes): 60
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Web Service Finder:
Instructions: Use the URL to search QSpatial for web services displaying or using this dataset.

Metadata Reference Information

Hierarchy level (scope of the metadata): dataset
Identifier: {62153009-19A2-D35F-B27C-53B3EE2C97D7}
Parent identifier: x
Metadata date stamp: 2022-09-19
Language: eng
Character set: utf8
Metadata standard name: ISO 19115:2005, ANZLIC ISO 1.1
Metadata version name: QGIS